About Me

Born and raised in the Midwest, I had a hunger for exploration from a young age. As soon as I graduated high school, I left my hometown for the big city—Los Angeles, California. My dream was always to work in a creative field, combining my passions for storytelling, marketing, food, and travel. But as a small fish in a very big pond, older and “wiser” colleagues urged me to go into a safer, more stable career. I spent the next 10 years of my life working in tech, building a successful career helping startups and tech companies like Myspace reach new customers. While I enjoyed the marketing side of the equation, my passion for food, travel, and exploration took a backseat as a hobby. 

Fast forward to 2016, when I became a new mom. While being a mother filled a huge gap in my heart, I found myself still longing for the career I was always afraid to pursue. So in 2018, I launched a podcast to scratch the itch of building something that combined my love of people, food, and exploration. Producing the podcast reignited something within me that reminded me of my true calling—to help food, wine, and hospitality brands (particularly the underdogs) market themselves in a meaningful way. While I still operate my digital design studio, Boxer & Mutt, which focuses on traditional digital marketing for B2B and B2C brands, I’m so happy to be taking on more projects these days that align with my personal interests and passions of food and travel.

I’d love to connect with you over coffee or Zoom and see how we might be able to work together.

- Danielle

Kind Words

"Basically Danielle kills it from every angle. She is always involved with creating and running interesting projects. She’s very down-to-earth and has a great eye for what works and what’s next."

— Ryan Snelson, Product Strategy & UX Consultant


"Danielle is really one-of-a-kind. Incredibly sharp both professionally and personally. There's no one else who can pick up such a wide range of skills and incorporate them into her daily activities like Danielle - and no one who can bring to a work environment such a positive, ambitious, and effective attitude. Regardless of how she works, Danielle is hilarious, considerate, and a pleasure to be around. She also shreds on Guitar Hero."

— Bao Vo, Creative Director


"Danielle is a talented and highly effective manager. She is consistent, dependable, very organized, and communicates well with project teams and clients. Most of all she is great fun to work with!"

— Sam Flowers, Business Consultant & Owner, Gringo Cafe

Working with Danielle and her team was great. Danielle is super responsive and helped keep our team on track. Her team built what the project needed and supported to fill in gaps as we realized what we had missed at the outset. She’s a great partner and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again!

— Jocelyn Miller, HeyWealth.com

We hired Danielle to create a WordPress website for our firm and enjoyed the process so much, we have hired her to do work for our clients as well. The WordPress sites are nicely designed, easy to update in WordPress, and mobile-friendly. Danielle is a wonderful project manager, who responds to our requests and emails in a timely manner. We trust that she will be there for us, which is why we partner with her to create web-based work for our customers.

— Lisa Duba, Gigantic Idea Studio

I’ve worked with Danielle on multiple projects, and every time she knocks it out of the park. She is super creative, thorough, and easy to work with. I always dread having to do design-based projects, but once she comes on board, she makes the process so effortless for me. By the end of the project, I’m inspired and excited to have been a part of the collaboration. I love working with her. She is my creative guru.

— Sara Stanton, Petite Casting + The Arrowhead Cabin

Our organization reached out to Danielle for help with our very outdated website. Danielle helped us to develop a new website that was very professional and user friendly. She is most expeditious to our requests to upload new information and make modifications. It is especially nice to have such personal service, while maintaining a very professional image.

— Norberta Suter-Robertson, Hereditary Neurological Disease Center

When I hired Danielle to develop a completely new website and marketing platform for one of my new ventures, I was so impressed with their quick response time, professionalism, and ability to comprehend my need and then implement my creative ideas into the final design. I constantly receive compliments about my website and would recommend Danielle to any of my clients and customers.

— Dave Dandurand / Limestone Strategy Group